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Beyond is a local project management company, specialized in creating holistic project management solutions in the business management field, catering to the needs of the government sector and major corporations.

Our vision is to become the leading Project Management Hub serving GCC organizations to deliver their initiatives.

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This engagement, consists of setting up and running a Project Management Office (PMO) to serve as a center of excellence that ensures that the project is well planned, the vendors are managed, risks are assessed and mitigation plans are in place, the budget is under control and progress reports are made available to keep the client in the loop.



In this type of engagement, the Beyond team is responsible for the full execution of the project (on-ground). Execution consists of everything from concept creation or enhancement and project planning to tendering of vendors, management of project cash flow and reporting to ensure timely delivery of agreed upon project deliverables.


Finding Ways to

Get Things Done

Not Excuses to Why We Can't


This engagement takes place once the project is setup. Operation consists of the Beyond team engaging with the end customer, on the ground, ensuring the smooth running of all aspects of the project. Additionally, Beyond will serve as the client’s eyes and ears and provide a full report of all successes and challenges encountered.


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