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Beyond PMO is dedicated to establishing and operating project management offices at both government entities and project levels, aligning with Vision 2030 and elevating performance indicators. The service offers a comprehensive suite of Project Management Office (PMO) services designed to elevate project efficiency and success; these include:

PMO Establishment

Our expert team begins by conducting a thorough analysis of the current situation, and identifying collaboration gaps in consultation with stakeholders. We then design and develop PMO-specific systems and processes, covering governance, communication, and document management. To ensure seamless operation, we provide a user-friendly PMO guide and construct a dedicated command center platform. Additionally, we impart essential training to empower the client's team in operating the PMO effectively.


PMO Operation

For ongoing projects, our PMO Operation service entails activating existing systems and processes. We efficiently assign and distribute tasks within the team, regularly monitoring project timelines, quality, and risks. Periodic reports are prepared to meet project needs, and we design, construct, and manage a dynamic control dashboard to ensure real-time visibility into project status.


Virtual PMO

This service brings PMO to the digital realm, providing a dedicated project information dashboard and electronic data input forms. A remote dedicated team ensures seamless collaboration, supported by an interactive and real-time control dashboard. Direct Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking and various detailed reports, including top-level and executive summaries, offer comprehensive project insights. Weekly virtual operational meetings further enhance communication and strategic alignment for project success.

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