Our offerings have been carefully created to cater to the needs of our clients and help them achieve their goals.

Visual Production


Platform and UI/UX Development


Our Diagnosis Package

This solution offers a thorough analysis of the status of our client’s customer experience done through multiple tools including customer journey mapping. The gap analysis will allow the client to identify the gaps or where their experience breaks down, causing their customers pain or negative association with the organization. This package includes the following services:

Our Concept Creation Package

This solution offers a creative take on our client’s project. The client’s idea is conceptualized and crafted with the end customer’s experience in mind and the client’s message embedded within that experience for amplification purposes. This package includes the following services:

Experience Realization

Our Execution Package

In this solution, we offer our clients the team to turn their experience-based concepts into reality using tried and tested project management tools. This package includes the following services:

Our Marketing Package

This solution offers our clients a comprehensive campaign that enhances their customers’ experience. The campaign ensures that the designed customer journey becomes second nature to the end-customer through awareness and behavioral-influence messaging. This package includes the following services:

Experience Reinforcement

Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Virtual Experiences

Our Virtual Event Package

In this solution, we offer our clients a complete solution to design, plan, and implement their virtual events. Whether it’s a virtual forum or an online workshop, we manage the virtual platform to incorporate all areas of the event in one place. This solution also affords the client the technical, operational, and logistical support needed to ensure a smooth and memorable event. This package includes the following services:

Experience Gap Analysis


Field Research

Validation Workshops

Customer Journey Mapping


Analysis Report


Experience Design

Ideation Workshop

Concept Design

Customer Journey Mapping

Defining KPIs


Virtual Event Platform

Customer Journey Mapping

Event Branding


Event Content

Communication Strategy

Virtual Logistics

Project Planning

Project Execution

Project Operation

Communication Strategy

KPI Measurement



The 90-Day Experience

Our Full-Solution Package

This is the full solution in which we help clients transform an idea or a need into a unique concept then execute it. Clients that go for this offer often have a mandate to create and execute within a limited time frame. Whether the client wants to implement quick-wins or a strategic initiative, the 90-Day experience will satisfy all their requirements. This package includes the following services:


Customer Journey Mapping

Concept Design


Project Planning

Communication Strategy

Project Execution

Final Report


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